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Hanging with Chick Hearn

Victor Carbajal emailed me his Lakers Tattoo and for the first time I see a Lakers fan with a tattoo to rival my own. My favorite part is the tribute to Chick Hearn “This game’s in the refrigerator, the door’s closed, the lights are out, the eggs are cooling, the butter’s getting hard, and the jello’s jigglin”. I remember watching games at home with my dad and muting the tv broadcast so we could listen to Chick Hearn on the radio. Chick was the Lakers broadcaster for over 40 years. He had an incredible streak of 3,338 consecutive Lakers games called. Going 36 years without missing a day of work makes Chick Hearn the greatest fan of all time! I have long since wanted to add something do with Chick Hearn, The Forum, Magic Johnson, Dr. Jerry Buss, and all the old Hall of Fame players. Until I do that I consider Victor Carbajal’s tattoo to equal my own and for that I give him some mad props!

Did you know Chick Hearn coined the phrases: Air-Ball, Dribble-Drive, Finger Roll, Give and Go, SLAM DUNK, and Triple-Double. Among many others.

There is only one game that Chick Hearn put in the refrigerator and the team came back. I listened to the game. We will leave it at that.

Chick Hearn has a Hollywood Walk of Fame star located at 6755 Hollywood Blvd.

His real name is Francis Dayle Hearn, but he will always be Chick in the hearts of Laker fans.

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  • Ceren 10.04.2012

    Getting in form for the season I got Kobe’s inrjuy from a couple of years ago tore a piece of bone off the finger in my right pinky and severed the tendon. How Kobe played with it I don’t know. I had to have surgery. Well, there’s Vicodin. But, Chick Bill Walton talked about growing up listening to Chick. Chick was like a member of the family.My favorite story? Spring 1970, the Lakers against the Suns in the playoffs. We were on a family vacation in Palm Springs. We listened to the game driving out there, but got to our hotel sometime in the second half. So my dad and I left my mom and sister in the room and drove around for about an hour and a half listening on the car radio. It was a warm beautiful night, we had the windows down. The radio reception kept going in and out and we were hanging on Chick’s every word. Gail Goodrich hit a layup at the end, leaning out into the court from under the backboard (Gail demonstrated this shot for us campers a couple of years later at the Goodrich-Baylor basketball camp at UCSB), and the Laker won. The Lakers came back from 3-1 down to win the series.My dad and I still talk about that evening. It was special to us both.

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