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I got this tattoo on June 17th 2010. The day the Lakers beat the Celtics  I’ve been a life long Lakers fan since the day I was born. The purple and gold is a tradition in my home. Going back to my grand father. I bleed purple and gold. And just wanted to share my tattoo with all of you!

Nick Avol from Indio CA

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  • Nick 10.04.2012

    Thanks for your hard work in maintaining this site. I know a few other peoe with lakers tats, I gave them your email to send there pics in.
    Thanks again!

  • Site looks great! Thanks for your hard work!

  • Awesome tat…… grandfather influenced me too when I was approx 10 yrs old. Got my 1st. tat. when I was 30 yrs old…….a wizard that was an original that was engraved on a small wood “1 hitter”. I am now 47 yrs old & craving for a “team tat ever since!!!!!Being a lifetime NY fan in evry sport except LAKER NATION (before that I was a ny nets fan back in the DR J ABA ERA) I have been craving a sports tat….mainly LAKERS!!!!!!!!!! Peeps here on long island, NY don’t get it but they are all younger than me & don’t understand……especially now that knicks seem to be good. I am a DIE HARD JETS,METS, LI ISLANDERS FAN not to mention a 37 year LAKERS FAN. I want all those logos but desperately want LAKERS TATTOO!!!!!!! Just was wondering how long u have been a Lakers fan & where u grew up & live now.

  • I’ve been a Lakers fan all my life. I have pictures of me being 2 weeks old wearing lakers shirts. I grew up in the Palm Springs area and still live here.

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