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This is Justus Heredia, i’m a die hard fan from Los Angeles,Ca. the city in which I was born and raised. I have close to 15 tattoos my most recent was the Lakers ink. To me this is the most inspiring tattoo I have. Everybody talks about being the “die-hard” Lakers fanatic. Until you can step up and put it on your body you have taken Lakers pride to another level! The love for the city of Los Angeles and the Lakers was where I put the two ideas together.

I am 23 yrs young and this is the team for me. I have been a fan since at least 8 years old. The last 5 years I have been real passionate for the Lakeshow! The energy and city of Los Angeles is just better than anywhere else. Kobe,what can I say there is nobody as great to watch like #24. My ink is your typical LA style logo with the number 24 and “Lakers” jersey outline. Also a basketball behind it and a chain hanging.

People would really see how much I loved the game after they would see my tattoo. I have received numerous compliments on the creativity and the style. I decided to put it on my leg because I am always wearing shorts and therefore it will always be visible. My favorite Lakers moments was of course the back to back champs in 09 and 10 Also seeing Kobe reach his 30k points was history. I’ve watched almost every game for the last 5 years and its time to bring another trophy home!

Justus Heredia from Los Angeles

Justus Heredia Fan Lakers Tattoo

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Justus Heredia Signed Kobe Bryant Jersey Lakers Tattoo

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