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Hello L.A. LAKER FANS my name is Victor Martinez I am 19 years old living in Las Vegas, Nevada. I am a true LAKER fan.

I was originally born in South Central, Los Angeles in March of 1992. As i was little I don’t remember much, but I do

I have never been to a Lakers game but that would be my DREAM COME TRUE. People always tell me “DAMN Victor, you are CRAZY for getting that Lakers Tattoo on your hand.” My reply always is,” That’s a true heart of a Laker Fan.”remember when the Lakers won a championship in the early 2000′s. Everyone and there mommas would run outside their house and scream for joy, wave Lakers flags, honking horns, and even riots.

My whole family originated in L.A. so that says it all as to why I am a true fan. It is a must to be a Lakers fan growing up in the City Of Angels. I always looked up to my older brother because my dad was never around and my brother would always tell me my next tattoo will be the Lakers logo on his hand. Surely you know I beat him to it.

Win or Lose I am a L.A. Lakers fan till death. Shoutout to the LAKERS and Kobe Bryant, the Black Mamba, # 24, you guys are the best!!!

-Victor Martinez

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