Hello, my name is Gregory and as I am sure you can see I am a crazy Lakers fan. I have had many people ask me about my tattoo so I finally decided to build a site.

I grew up in Orange County, CA and have been a lakers fan my entire life. There is a picture of me somewhere in a Lakers onesy that I am wearing when I was one day old. So I guess you can say there has not been a single day of my life that purple and gold was not flowing in my blood.

I moved to Phoenix when I was 21 (2004). The next few years were pretty rough. We just lost to Detroit in the finals, didn’t make the playoffs for only the 5th time in franchise history, Phil left, D-fish left, got knocked out of the playoffs twice to the Suns, and in 2006 I watched all but 2 games with my NBA league pass with Directv. Do you want to guess the game I missed?, thats right January 22nd 2006 when Kobe the Black Mamba scored 81. I have since gone back and seen the entire game, but oh man was I angry. Anyway my point here was that it was dark times for a Lakers fan.

Since I have moved to Phoenix I go to every game that the Lakers play when they come to play the Suns. I always wear a jersey and have gone as far to wear Lakers warm up shorts, some of my many Kobe Zoom shoes, a Kobe shooting sleeve, and now will always wear my Lakers Tattoo. I used to sit lower level center court and now I prefer to sit upper deck center court row one. If you ever go to a game I am sure you will be able to spot me.

Before the Lakers Tattoo I used to get heckled at the games a lot. I like to yell at the players on the court and generally cheer for the team, but I never antagonize a Suns fan around me unless they start something. Every game I would go to some Suns fan would result in throwing something at me or getting up in my face. It is truly amazing at how I am treated now after having the Lakers Tattoo. I have only been to the playoff games against the Suns in 2010 and the 2 games in the 2011 season, but each game it seems the Suns fans have respect of me. We will still talk trash to each other, but it is done in a conversation and not in a fierce argument that seemed like it would turn into a fight at any minute.

I have wanted a tattoo for quite some time now and since this was going to be my first one I had a few rules. 1) Go big or go home. 2) Something that I have been passionate about for quite some time. 3) Get it done by someone I trust and who I know would not mess it up. As you can tell it is a rather large tattoo, obviously something I am passionate about, and Mickey Sarratt from HighNoonTattoo.com was the artist. He was refereed to me by my girlfriend who worked for the Coyotes hockey team at the time and knew that Mikey did a lot of the art for the hockey players. That was good enough for me. I knew that I wanted to have the Lakers logo, Larry O’brien trophy, and something to do with Kobe Bryant. I didn’t want Kobe’s number or anything like that so I decided to use Kobe’s self made nickname The Black Mamba. When Mikey was drawing up the rough draft he said we needed something in the background to hold everything together. I figured what better to use than Staples Center. After we had all the details together Mikey drew it up and the rest is history. It took two sessions and three hours at each one.